PRESS-FORMED BUTTERFLIES: Designs that are thin, lightweight and use half the glass of conventional techniques ... (watch trailerSTEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
SEA OF JOY: Simple, sleek, contemporary wall art. Slippery, but high in protein. [ripple fish]
COSMOS: The final frontier? Nah ... just an easy, straightforward project that makes a great impression. [milky way, galaxy] 
HEIRLOOM KEEPSAKE BOXES: Here's a slam dunk choice for gifts or treasures ...simple construction, endless design possibilities.
CREATING ON THE EDGE: A technique that never gets tiresome ... designing with glass strips on edge.
AUTUMN ASPEN LEAVES:  Pre-fused elements to use in awesome autumn artwork ...
CAST GLASS HEARTS: We dip our toes into the hot waters of glass casting, and retrieve nine gorgeous hearts...
HANGING BIRD BATH: Here's an easy one that will please you, your neighbors and the local tweetie birds. It's a very modifiable idea -- do it my way or just wing it!
SCANDINAVIAN FOREVER FLOWERS: These beauties are perfect craft fair fare -- and nobody can buy just one!  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
DROP VESSELS: Drop Vessels require your direct participation in the hot glass forming process ... exciting and rewarding!
FRIT BLOSSOMS: The perfect project for those rainy days when you just want to escape into glass. No thinking, no planning, just PLAY... [flowers] (watch trailer)
PRESSING FLOWERS: Pressing elements in your kiln creates a colorful library of goodies to use in countless creative ways ...
KOI POND DISPLAY PLATTER: Using pre-fused elements to visually design a finished piece has the advantage of being a WYSIWYG process -- what you see is what you get.
CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Imagine the joy in this  Glasshoppa's heart when the cherry trees start to bloom. A lesson in using layers to create visual depth.
BEST KEPT CUTTING SECRET: How many tools are hawked with the promise of improving or simplifying your glass cutting? This one is a cheap, no-brainer.
MUSHROOM GARDEN ART: Kiln-fired glass mushrooms to highlight your green spaces both indoors and out. Plus a powder application technique for creating organic appeal. 
TORCH PULLED STRINGER: Store-bought stringer has many uses but the natural, "organic" look isn't one of them. Learn to make your own, simply and safely.
RAINBOW JEWELRY: Stripes are simple but beautiful when rendered in luminous glass, and added intricacy is a cinch if that's your heart's desire.
ASPEN LEAF PLATTER: A beautiful autumn platter with a one-piece circular rim ... made with elements from the Autumn Aspen Leaves tutorial.
FISH BONES PLATTER: This fanciful skeleton on an oceanic background makes use of reactive white glass and simple color-testing to assure desirable results.
THE ANT, THE LADYBUG AND THE DRAGONFLY: It's a Bugfest! Three easy fusing projects for home, garden and gifts.
SPRING FLORAL WREATHS: Bright, colorful & playful, these beauties use up scrap with nary a curve to cut ...  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
BUZZ: Finally! Make your own fused glass housefly ... and be the envy of your friends --  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
SUMMER SUNFLOWER: A free-form and flattering flower to flaunt come springtime. Two circles, lots of petals, and plenty of satisfaction for many seasons to come.
MAKE A STAND!: Having trouble finding the right display stand? Make your own, out of ... what else?
KOI: PRE-FUSED DESIGN ELEMENTS: Pre-fused elements make designing projects visual and intuitive ... These koi fish are just one example.
TRANSPARENCY OVERLAYS: Transparency is the visual characteristic that distinguishes glass from all other art forms. Here we build on that distinction...
SPLAT MAGNETS: A craft fair bestseller -- this quick project includes an easy low-waste production method.  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
FLORAL JEWELRY TRAY: This simple project looks great on a dresser or vanity and makes a perfect catch-all for any gal's favorite bling. (watch trailer)
FRUIT SPOON RESTS: Counter Candy! One mold and THREE designs to dress up any kitchen counter top. [strawberry, grapes, avocado]
MAKING & MOUNTING BIG GARDEN ART: Colorful and popular, the most challenging part of glass garden art is mounting the glass to an iron stake ... Here, problem solved.
COPPER-FRAMED GARDEN ART:  Turns out copper pipe is a snazzy and easy way to display yard art - and this colorful fish is a flashy example. 
DEVITRIFICATION & FIRE-POLISHING TRAY: Glass Fusing is a challenging enterprise -- here is one easy way to handle those yuckie surface blemishes ...
BALLOON GARDEN: A daring peek into the dark netherworld of unconventional fusing techniques ...
PINWHEEL BOWL: This bowl consists of 12 cut glass pieces arranged on a wavy-edged clear base. Simple construction, impressive results.
LAYERED GLASS LANDSCAPES: Easy multi-layer depth and dimension
POINSETTIA HOLIDAY DECOR: An easy holiday highlight for all skill levels ...Wall-mount or table centerpiece.
MUSHROOM NIGHT LIGHTS: Fungi Vitreosi illuminata -- an eye-catching little shelfie with or without the lighting. The stem is a bottleneck; the lighting is an inexpensive, off-the-shelf night light kit.
SPLASH ART: What better way to communicate the fluid motion of glass? These high-spirited quickies function as wall art, candle-holders, vessels and more.  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
BIRD OF PARADISE POT-STICKER: This tropical marvel in fused glass can be made in one firing or two and in as many versions as you're willing to configure.
WILDFLOWER HAND MIRROR: Make a hand mirror or make great wildflowers -- here you'll learn both...
PETAL PLATTERS: Here's a very straightforward design whose pattern arises from the effect of overlapping colors. .
TROPICAL TEASER: This easy coral piece serves as a creative stand for a colorful tropical fish ... Together they form a dreamy art glass sculpture...
PRICKLY PEAR POT-STICKER: Easy, head-turning, smile-making glass project ... [cactus]
CRAZY QUILTS IN GLASS: Easy, colorful & fun. A classic homemaker's craft informs modern glass art design ...
REVEALING IMAGERY: Make creative use of negative space between glass pieces to create focal imagery. Simple designs and simple construction create simple elegance.
SEA TURTLE: If turtles don't float your boat, this project features a couple of widely useful techniques that will.
REACTION PLATTER: Minimal effort, maximum IMPACT - a great beginner's project ...  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
FRACTURE-STREAMER WALL CLOCK: Most any work in glass can easily become a beautiful timepiece...
HOLIDAY TREES & WREATH: Yes you can crank out fused glass holiday gifts with only a few days to go ...The first of these sparkling keepsakes may take you an hour. The next? Half that.
YARDBIRDS: These wdpeckers mount easily on posts, trees or the wooden trim of buildings and make great craft fair fare ...
LIGHT YOUR TREES: Pick the right lights and illuminating your fused glass holiday trees is cheap, quick & easy..
HANGING GLASS ON WALLS: Here is a simple and affordable approach to standoff wall mounting that anyone can use.
SNAPSHOT STANDS: Great for small pictures, easy gifts and quick craft sales. Fun kids project, too!
STARBURST BOWL: Holiday design or otherwise, this is an easy technique with dazzling results!
STAR OF HOPE: An optically brilliant and symbolically promising project for hearts and homes ...
WAVE FORM: Water & glass ... so closely related ...
AUTUMN ALDERS: Creating Depth with thin layers -- the third dimension...
SWIZZLE STIX AND DRINK MARKERS:  Fast and efficient to make, perfect for gift sets, and a very classy party favor.  STEP-BY-STEP PROJECT GUIDE  AVAILABLE
FRIT SHADING WITH SCANDIA WOOD: Creating 3-D realism with light and shadow ...(watch trailer)
EXPLORING DEEPER COMPOSITIONS: Exploring the challenges of deep compositions using frit
POPPY PARTY: Three wall-mounted variations on the ageless poppy -
UPSCALE SWITCH PLATES:  You may never appreciate how boring switch plates are until you change them out for something more artsy.
THREE LIGHT TEA LIGHT: Simple, elegant and adaptable to virtually any design or technique ...
SPIRIT TABLETS: Here we teach both Fossil Vitra and Kiln Carving in the process of creating some venerable wall art.
FAUX FLOWER PLANTERS: These open-backed half-rounds will adapt to your design ideas and any interior decor you choose.
CRATER CREATIONS: The formless takes on form when we design with voids ... Unique to fused glass, "cratering" is a head-turning special effect and surprisingly controllable.
HEXWING CANDLE HOLDERS:  The crystal crowns of candlelight ... easy, inexpensive and impressive ...
DRIP MELTS: Pot melts, grid melts, mesh melts, screen melts ... Let's call them all Drip Melts ...
JELLYFISH WIND CHIMES: Just like real jellyfish, these colorful chimes are no brainers
IKEBANA VASE:  Ikebana and fused glass -- a perfectly harmonious relationship. 
BRILLIANT RAINBOW PLATTER: We can do things with glass that simply aren't possible with any other medium, and when we do, everybody turns to look.
LADY BUG WALL POCKETS: Here we drape glass over fiber paper to form three sides of an open cavity. Wall pockets are the result...
HEARTS FROM REMNANTS: Leftover love! Turn your scraps or remnants into beautiful cast glass hearts...
PATTERN BAR PLATTERS: Step-by-step pattern bars and the platters they make possible...
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FRAGMENT ART: Texture and transparency are the name of the game!
MEJIRO: “Coloring” simple line art with frit, filling in sections, almost like paint-by-number, then press-forming to fuse.
COPPER-SULFUR REACTION PLATTER: Seamless black borders, simple cold-working and the art of fire polishing … and a stunning glass project.
SUNRISE SILHOUETTE: Smooth and uniform color gradients with glass powder -- without using a sifter.
VITRIGRAPH STRINGER: Maybe the most versatile glass fusing accesssory -- where to get it and how to make your own, safely and effectively.
CLASSY GLASS OUTLET PLATES: Add some real class to an overlooked and ordinary household feature ... Easy project!
DROP VESSELS, PART II: An exploration of Rim Removal, form size & shape, making SilkeMat forms and more. A natural follow-up to the first DROP VESSELS tutorial -- be sure to watch both.
PLEASE support and thank our sponsors every chance you get ... They help make these tutorials possible!
PLEASE support and thank our sponsors every chance you get ... They help make these tutorials possible!
DROP VESSELS, PART III: Last of a three-part series on this irresistible branch of our craft. Thickness to height relationships, cold working, and important design considerations.
THE NEIGHBOR'S GARDEN: This floral project looks more complex than it really is — the air of teeming abundance comes from overlapping objects and avoiding empty spaces.
FOGGY MORNING: Irregular edges and  aspect shapes add dimension and eliminate flatness in this little landscape scene. A one-firing project that we assess, touch-up and fire again.
PLEASE support and thank our sponsors every chance you get ... They help make these tutorials possible!
POWDER PATTERNS & CORAL Geometric patterns and organic models including the popular coral techniques, plus moldmaking with SilkeMat.
STONEWORK TABLET I love the “grouted look” and have tried various ways of making it easier, but nothing has satisfied me until now --
COLORWAVE TRAYS I showed these to a fusing friend and she said “Ooooo… beautiful … but it looks really, really hard…”  Bingo. Easy project + looks difficult = high rewards.
OUTLINED ABSTRACTS Never underestimate the power of a black outline. It’s a classy touch that adds impact even to the otherwise mundane. Here are two accessible approaches...
PLEASE support and thank our sponsors every chance you get ... They help make these tutorials possible!
THREE OPAL OVALINES Here's something to do with any piece of wild, unconventional glass — isolate a shape, give it a neutral background, & fuse. Plus -- cutting deep inside curves...
HANGING GLASS IN WINDOWS: Suction cups suck -- avoid them. This update reviews new adhesive utility hooks that just might be the answer.
TEA KETTLE TRAY: As simple as this one seems, there are some very valuable things to learn here ...
DRIP MELTS TO DROP VESSELS: We've explored Drip Melts and made a few Drop Vessels, why not combine the two? ...
RADIANT HUES: Here we illustrate how the interplay of glass and light that we so lovecan be achieved in only reflected light...